14 Damaged / Glitched Developer Codes to enhance your Motion Design. They can be used as Backgrounds, Overlays, HUD compositing, Distortion Maps or something you only know and i can’t think of. 🙂

I think they suit great whenever you want to use an Effect Code for either a hacker attack, lost signal, computer / software / BIOS Damage Screen, OS Virus Infection, Corrupted Boot Screen etc.

Of course they are compatible with all editing and compositing software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final cut pro (FCP), Avid, Nuke , Fusion, Apple Motion …

Inside the download files there is a ”Preview All” Html file so you can easily watch them play together and find fast the right element for your case.

All Clips Names & Duration:

  • Binary Chaos 1 (10sec Loop)
  • Binary Chaos 2 (8sec Loop)
  • Binary Shutter Glitch – RGB (10sec Loop)
  • BIOS Virus Spreading (15sec)
  • Dark Failure (short) (2sec Loop)
  • DOS Glitch RGB (6sec Loop)
  • Glitched Broken Code (5sec Loop)
  • Glitched Code (10sec Loop)
  • Running Glitch Code (12sec Loop)
  • Scroll UP Screen Code (12sec Loop)
  • System Failure (10sec Loop)
  • Totally Destroyed (10sec Loop)
  • Vintage BIOS Chaos (short) (2sec Loop)
  • Vintage Unfolding BIOS Chaos (10sec)