Do you want something unique and out of the regular box? Here is a bundle of 78 cartoon funny, alternative, modern, creative, fresh, simple, handmade and unique elements texts to place on top of your videoclip and evoke – express emotions to your audience. Traditional animation toolkit to enhance your library.

This package suits great is you are an editor, compositor, youtuber, vlogger, motion designer, artist, game designer, production company, video producer, tv channel, tv show, wedding photographer – videographer and for whoever needs to upscale their production value.

They are compatible with all editing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid, Final Cut Pro (fcpx), Davinci Resolve, Fusion, Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, Smoke, Flame, Screenflow, Apple Motion etc

All Clips Names:

aaargh, Bam 1-2, Bang, Bark, Bloom, Boing, Bonk, Boo, Boom, Booom, Burp, Bye, Come, Crash, Curse, Damn,
Defeat, Din Dan, Doink, Done, Drin, Exhale, Fuck, GG, Go, Goodbye, Grrr, Hahaha, Hello, Hi, Huh, Inhale, Klank, Knock, LMAO, LOL, Meow, Nice, No, Nope, Oops 1-2, Ouch, Pew, Phew, Poof, Pow 1-2-3, Puff, Questionmark? 1-2, Sigh, Slap, Snap, Snore, Splat, Surprise, Tik Tak, Tok Tok, Victory, Vroom, Wait, Well.., Wham, Win, Woof, WooHoo, WoW 1-2, Wtf?, Yeah, Yes, Yikes, Zap, Zonk, Zzz 1-2